The Greek Orthodox Church in Australia

The Greek Orthodox Church in Australia is over 170 years old, the first service was conducted at Kirribilli Point in 1820 by the Priest-monk Dioysii, one year before the Greek revolution of independence. The Australian Greek Orthodox Church was established nearly 96 years ago when the Church of the Holy Trinity was consecrated in Bourke Street, Surry Hills in May 1898. The Church of the Holy Trinity provided religious nourishment for a small Greek community which made up an even smaller proportion of Australian society. During the 1950s, postwar immigration programs saw the Greek Orthodox population of Sydney, and in Australia, increase rapidly, and churches were established in Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Perth and other cities. By the 1950s the headquarters of the Greek Orthodox Church had moved to a small house in Randwick. That small house was soon inadequate. Thousands came from Greece, 98 per cent of whom were of the Greek Orthodox religion. Today the scale of the church reflects that wave of postwar migration which saw the Orthodox community in New South Wales alone expand to 37 parishes containing 200,000 people. Today, the headquarters of the Australian Greek Orthodox Church can be found in Redfern and has over 100 priests, 105 churches and 120 community organizations. The Australian Greek Orthodox Church is headed by His Eminence The Archbishop Stylianos (Harkianakis) who arrived in Australia on the 15th April 1975 and was officially enthroned on Lazarus Saturday on the 26th April 1975.

The Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Stylianos, Saints Peter and Paul and Saint Gregory of Palamas Parish of Sutherland is yet another cornerstone in the development of the Orthodox Church. The Church was constructed to the glory of God through the generosity of devout christians and officially opened on the 16th of December 2001 by his Eminence Archbishop Stylianos Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia, in the distinguished presence of the Honourable Bob Carr MP Premier of New South Wales.

The Church is constantly moving forward in the community and stands as a testament to Gods loving grace, and a beacon of light for those who seek to be with God.