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Upcoming Events

1) Visit to St George Monastery Springwood 

2) Fellowship and Orthodox Cafe
Monday 27 June 7pm in Hall at Gymea. Movie night: THE ISLAND

2) Orthodox Cafe for young adults at Gymea after the Service on Sunday 26 June at 11:30am in Church Office. Topic : “Engaging with Popular Culture: The Patristic Approach” by Deacon Chris Baghos. This will be a talk and discussion on popular culture that looks at things like movies and pop culture.

3) Fellowship & Orthodox Cafe. Mon 27 June 7pm in Hall at Gymea. 
Movie night: THE ISLAND. An amazing movie based on Orthodox Christian Spirituality. (Enquiries: Fr Constantine 0418511212)


TUESDAY 28 JUNE 7pm at St Stylianos Parish, Kingsway Gymea. 

WEDNESDAY 29 JUNE 7:30-10am
Actual feast day of Saints Peter and Paul. Matins and Holy Liturgy 

CELEBRATION OF STS PETER & PAUL with His Grace Bishop Iakovos of Militoupolis serving. The Corinthian Brotherhood will host an Artoklasia and we will have a Litany of the Icon.
Afterwards, we will have a celebratory BBQ outside. All are welcome.


Position Available for St Stylianos Greek School Teacher, Primary Level on Wednesdays 4-6:30pm at Gymea. Must have online skills and be interested in community language skills and teaching. For more information please contact Fr Constantine on 0418511212 or email

Look forward to hearing from some interested persons.

Dear Parishioners,

Hope you are all well and all moving on in your life after the difficulty of lockdowns and sickness.The Parish would like to remind all Parishioners if there is somone in need we are happy to help out. Please contact Fr Constantine or one of our Committee to discuss this if you are one of those people who are suffering and needs some support.

Please note the program is attached and there are important Services such as the Ascension, All Souls, Pentecost and the Celebrations for Sts Peter and Paul coming up. As you all probably remember we have one our Chapels dedicated to these great Apostles so we will have a Panagyri on the 3rd of July with a BBQ. Hope you can come with your family. Also please note we will combine the Orthodox Cafe and Parish Fellowship on Mondays as per the attached Announcements and Flyer. Also the Orthodox Cafe continues on Sundays after Church and the Play Group and Sunday School are now available for your children to attend.

Finally, please note that our Holy Archdiocese is organising with St Basils a Greek Festival on Sunday 5th June at Carss Park, 10am-5pm. It is free event open to all. There will be live entertainment, dancing, singers and 40 product and food stalls. Come and enjoy! (see below flyer)

May God bless you all and CHRIST IS RISEN! fr constantine

For our Young Adults the flyer and program for the Orthodox Cafe are below. This is a great meeting place for our young people and we encourage any new people to come.


Classes for all those interested in learning Byzantine music are available every Friday starting Friday 18th of February from 5:30pm onwards. This is a wonderful way of participating more actively in all the services of our Church. Furthermore, as Orthodox Christians we are blessed with a rich tradition of hymns which equally can provide us with profound insights into what we believe. All the hymns we sing in Church are ‘theology in sung form’ which can therefore enrich our journey as we all strive to encounter the indescribable joy of Christ in our life. All our faithful, young and old, are warmly invited ‘to come and see’. Feel free to call me for further information. Dr Philip Kariatlis is responsible for the lessons.

God bless
Fr Constantine
ph 0418511212


St Stylianos Parish, Gymea is continuing the Adult Greek lessons this year at the Church office or hall. If you would like to express your interest or discuss this with the teachers we are having a meeting this Wednesday 9th of February at 7pm in the Church Office so we can answer any questions and allocate classes. If you can’t make Wednesday please call the teacher responsible Erika on 0406746895. 

Fees will be kept to a minimum to cover costs only. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn the most significant language in the world.

God bless 
Fr Constantine 

7th of November at St Stylianos Parish, Gymea at 10:30am

With the blessings of Archbishop Makarios of Australia, for the first time we are making available a new bilingual edition of the first book of poetry written by one of the most well-known Modern Greek poets of the Diaspora, S.S. Harkianakis, who was Archbishop Stylianos of Australia of blessed memory. This edition has been translated by Peter Bien who is Professor Emeritus of English and Comparative Literature at Dartmouth College USA. It also includes a bilingual biography of Archbishop Stylianos which will make a lasting impression on the reader and give people an insight into this unique Greek- Australian Christian Leader.

It is introduced by a Preface written by His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia. It is coedited by Niki Pantzali and Philip Kariatlis, Sub-Dean of St Andrews Greek Orthodox Theological College, Sydney. The intention of the book is to inspire readers to search the depth of the existential Modern Greek Poetry written by S.S. Harkianakis. For this reason, we present to you the first of fifty-one collections of poems published every year until 2017, thus paralleling the author’s brilliant academic and fruitful religious life, and indeed, a corpus of work that has real messages for the restoration of humanity.

To help people discover the beauty of this poetry and to understand the depth of S.S. Harkianakis, please order books from Fr Constantine Varipatis, Parish Priest of St Stylianos Greek Orthodox Church Gymea by emailing: There is no price for the book. For those who are able and want to contribute we invite you to donate to St Stylianos Parish, Gymea. The first book launch will be this Sunday 7th of November at St Stylianos Parish Gymea after the Service and as part of the Orthodox Café and Bookstore. Hope to see you there and God bless you all.

Fr Constantine Varipatis

How do our beliefs as Orthodox Christians impact our daily lives?

How do they inform our interactions with contemporary society?

Welcome to Person to Person, an Orthodox podcast where we aim to answer questions like the ones above and many, many more. Presented by two lifelong friends, Dr. Harry Boosalis and Paul Karos, Person to Person is dedicated to exploring Orthodox spiritual life within the pursuits and struggles of everyday living.

Dr. Harry Boosalis, retired professor of dogmatic theology at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Seminary, is an author of multiple Orthodox books, and a well-known speaker. His co-host, a retired Wall Street Executive, Paul Karos, has a Masters of Applied Orthodox Theology and is an Orthodox lay ministry leader doing one-on-one coaching, pre-marital counseling, prison ministry and parish retreats.

The inspiration to create Person to Person came from Paul and Harry’s annual pilgrimages to Mount Athos, where they shared deep, extraordinary discussions with their fellow pilgrims on Orthodox spirituality and how it relates to our contemporary lives. With the desire to recreate that special environment and share the conversations with all of you, the podcast was born.

We are so blessed to have you join us as we journey through the different topics one might encounter as an Orthodox Christian in the secular world. Please follow the link below to access all content for Person to Person, including podcast streaming, social media, books by Dr. Harry Boosalis and more!

Glory to God!

Link To Podcast Streaming and All Other Content

St Stylianos Parish Charity Support

Dear Parishioners,

Hope you are well. In our endeavors to help we would like to again offer our support to those in need in these difficult times. Feel free to contact us in confidence. Together with helping our own parishioners in need we have started a new initiative to broaden our charity outreach.


Our Parish Committee, Philoptochos and Youth including the Orthodox Cafe have endorsed this new initiative. We have located these two charities that we would like our Parishioners to support as part of the broader community and in conjunction with our current program. We are adding Dandelion Support Network and Women’s and Girls Emergency Centre and their details are below.

Dandelion Support Network
Where are they: Caringbah
What they do: Dandelion fills a service gap in the community service industry and is built on a partnership model, working alongside social workers and case managers to support families. They accept donations of good quality preloved and new nursery furniture and items for babies and children for families in need.

Women’s and Girl’s Emergency Centre
Where are they: Redfern
What they do: Women’s and Girls’ Emergency Centre (WAGEC) is an organisation that supports women in social isolation and domestic violence, families in crisis and advocates for social change in the community. Every night, they support 200 women and children impacted by homelessness, domestic violence and systemic disadvantage. They provide material aid, case management, biopsychosocial support, accommodation, and crisis responses. Equally they seek to address the underlying causes of gender-based violence through primary prevention activities with communities and private and public entities.

The Parish will eventually collect items for these charities. However, due to Covid 19 restrictions and lockdown we can only accept monetary donations at this stage, and we will purchase the items and deliver them to the locations. If you would like to donate money towards our charitable work, then please click on the image below and direct your donation to one of the 3 locations listed.

How can we help during Covid restrictions?

While Covid restrictions are in place we will accept monetary donations to purchase goods as needed by each of the charities and have then delivered direct in a Covid safe manner.

Once restrictions are lifted we will announce instructions on a collection date and times with a list of goods that we will accept for delivery to each charity.

The contacts for this blessed charity work are
Helen Lakatos 0416018522 and
Joanne Houlakis 0416128885.

Thank you in advance for your support for our vulnerable and needy.

God bless you all.
Fr Constantine Varipatis

Livestreaming ofservices now available at Saint Stylianos YouTube Channel

28 October Celebrations @ St Stylianos (Photos)

Iviron monastery is one of the biggest monasteries on Mt Athos. It is an amazing monastic community and building that is set in a beautiful area of the world: the Garden of the Mother of God! It’s been made by a professional photographer who spends a lot of time at the monastery. It is very inspirational and a blessing that we have such monastics praying for us . Enjoy!
God Bless
Fr Constantine


Dear Friends,

We would like to kindly ask you to help our team of volunteer teachers to help young kids learn more about the Bible and the Orthodox Church in Public Schools.

Please look at becoming a Scripture teacher. It is not something difficult but it is a great blessing for all. In particular is would be good to be part of the “be there for me” campaign as some of our teachers are elderly and need support at this time. Please feel free to watch this video prepared by the body that coordinates Scripture in Public Schools for which we are members.

May God bless you and your family.
Fr Constantine Varipatis(can be contacted on 0418 511 212)

Consecration of our Parish by His Eminence Archbishop Makarios