Sunday School

Sunday School usually begins end of February. Please gather in Church and then go to the Hall.

Our Sunday School meets on Sunday mornings during the Divine Liturgy with separate classes for the following age groups:

High School (ages 13-18)
Primary School (ages 8-12)
Infants (ages 4-7)

Sunday School for High School Students

Here, our high school students have the opportunity to meet in an open and positive environment where friendship and fun can be discovered along with a deeper understanding of our Faith. Classes also strive to help our young people tackle the very issues at the core of their existence – their need for friendship, acceptance and true direction in life. Unfortunately, many young people lack hope for the future. Sunday School is a vivid reminder that life is full of many values and treasures to be used and respected, including their own self.

Sunday School for Primary School Students

This group of students is renowned for its enthusiasm for all aspects of Sunday School.  Many have fond recollections of children rushing to be in their classroom first.  Many of our Parish young chanters come from this group.  Their enthusiasm has been an example to all.

Primary School for Infants

Our Infants’ group enjoys games, songs (in Greek, English & Kenyan!), Bible stories and coloring in activities.  During the year other activities – such as craft exercises – are performed. This has always been a well attended group and a blessing for the Parish.

We meet at 9am on Sundays in the 2 buildings adjoining the Church. The groups are well attended with up to 60 students and strongly supported by the parents and parish as a whole. In the last 3 years a Children’s Choir has been established which chants during each Liturgy Service. This is enjoyed by young and old alike.

Each year we enjoy many activities, including:

Not a day passes without the many known and unique games played by the different groups. Occasionally, some groups combine for a “mega-game”. Undoubtedly, such activities have created a very welcoming environment for our children, who are often seen playing together outside of Sunday School hours as well.

Opportunities to discover our Orthodox Faith
The end of the games leads-up to the weekly lesson. High School lessons often take on a discussion format where questions are welcomed. Examples used are “down-to-earth” ones from daily life and young people are challenged to see things through the eyes of the Church’s Teachings and the inspiring lives of the Saints. Similarly, the Primary and Infants Groups have age-appropriate lessons – often interesting stories with a moral underlying it. Their knowledge is consolidated by activity sheets given- out on the day. Such opportunities are scarce today.

These highly-sought after events are never forgotten. The activities here are diverse – from ball games, a free BBQ and the traditional races. These picnics are family events. All too often, parents can be seen participating in games and races.

Inter Parish Events
Opportunities also arise for meetings with other parishes of our Archdiocese. In 2003, we had a kite-flying competition with a local parish. Students of all ages designed their own kites to be flown on the day. We hoped that the wind would be strong enough on the day … Indeed we had gale-forced winds on the day… A day we will never forget!

Furthermore, all the Archdiocese Sunday Schools in Sydney meet annually on the Monday October Long week-end for a picnic at Centennial Park. These occasions remind us that there are many other young people like us who go to Church.

End of Year Concerts
These events are not only treasured memories but great opportunities for our students to turn teacher! Their plays, slideshows and talks educate us all about the lives of saints, the value of virtue and the need to always be a student at heart.

Other Public Performances
In 2001, the Primary Group of almost 30 students had the blessing of performing its play “A Russian Christmas” at the Annual Archdiocese Christmas Carols which was attended by the Greek Orthodox Faithful of Sydney.

Children’s Byzantine Choir
This unexpected blessing arose with God’s help from 1 or 2 children standing with the chanters during the Liturgy. Soon, they encouraged friends to join in and the domino effect led to a whole class being taught Byzantine Chant . a good habit they still practice 3 years later. Even those who do not know how to chant will often join their classmates with the chanters.

Our Parents

The parents of our students are our greatest support – from bringing their children to classes weekly, to helping in picnics and concerts – and we are very grateful to them all for their ongoing support. 

A Special Invitation for you

The doors of our Sunday School are also open to all of you – they will never close to anyone who seeks to find hope, fulfillment, friendship and joy. As a school of our Holy Orthodox Church it yearns to touch young hearts with the fire of God’s great love and to make them all feel at home in our one true home – The Church. We hope that you too will answer this invitation to come to the Church because it does not come from just anyone. it comes from God Himself.

“Come to Me, all of you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”
(Matthew 11:28)

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact Fr. Constantine Varipatis.