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St Stylianos Annual Dance



NSW: Agape Vespers 2015

St Andrew's Theological College Graduation

Metropolitan Ambrosios of Korea's visit to the Holy Monastery of Panagia Pantanassa

40th Anniversary of His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos

Lectures by Prof Bradshaw 21-24 September 2015
Prof Bradshaw is a famous Patristic Theologian from the University of Kentucky and will be delivering lectures on Classical Philosophy and the Church Fathers.

Round table Discussion
This is an important discussion on what concerns many of us who live in the Diaspora as we are confronted with Orthodox and Catholic Churches affecting our life and relationships. This will help us reflect on this.

Theological Symposium
This years Theological Symposium will focus on Environmental Theology. This course is very relevant to modern day struggles with environment  

St Andrews Theological College
We are privileged in Sydney to have the Theological College here in Sydney.
We would like to encourage young people to study Theology to become Priests and Teachers. We have a real mission here not to be caught up in materialism, Technology and Syncretism in today’s society. Dedication to God and to service to our fellow human beings breaks these barriers

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Jonathan Jackson: “What Orthodoxy means to me”
Holywood actor Jonathan Jackson, recipient of five Emmy Awards, at an interview given in "Pemptousia" during his recent visit to the Monastery of Vatopaidi - Mt Athos, explains the meaning of Orthodoxy in his life.

Saint Stylianos Website

Activities of the Parish

  • Sunday School
  • Greek School
  • Teenage Fellowship
  • Adult Fellowship
  • Byzantine Music Lessons
  • Play Group

Missionary Work

St Stylianos Parish Supports the Feeding Program of 300 children in Kenya as well as the Orthodox Theological College and University in the Congo, Africa.

An article on Missionary Work supported by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia by Father Constantine.



Scripture Teachers
Teaching the word of God is a great blessing for us all. We need parents who are prepared to dedicate an hour a week to teaching our children.

Car Parking
Parishioners are requested to be mindful of neighbours, and respectful of nature strips when parking in and around the church grounds. Those vehicles that are illegally parked will be fined by the local council.



Fellowship is a meeting of all those interested to lean more about their Faith in a friendly group environment. We have talks with Old and New Testament themes. Also we have presentations on the Sacraments and the Church.We also have social events. We would like you to participate  as well. Brainstorm for Fellowship on 25th June at 6:45pm in the Church Hall before Fellowship for that week.

All are welcome to come and offer your ideas. Come and make a difference to our fellowship. The fellowship for the 25th will be on a presentation of a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Greece by two of our Fellowship  members (Eleni and Katholiki). For this week (18.6.15) our fellowship President Michael who has been studying Hebrew will be speaking on a theme in Ecclesiastes (an OT Book)

God bless
fr Constantine
Enquiries ph 0418511212

Things to remember for 2015 ...
  1. English Liturgy every 1st Saturday of the Month starting 7th of Feb at 6.30 pm.
  2. Adult Fellowship begins 17th Feb 7.30 pm at Hall. It will be held on Thursdays.
  3. Sunday School usually begins the first Sunday in March.
  4. Greek Schools have started at Gymea and Tharawall and enrolments are closed for 2015. Enquiries: Fr Constantine 0418511212.
  5. Greek Dancing lessons are held every Wednesday at Sylvania Heights Primary School Hall from 6.30pm for all ages and every Tuesday at Gymea Church Hall (808 The Kingsway, Gymea) at 6.30pm for beginners. Enrolments for Sylvania Hts are from Wednesday 28th January 2015 and at Gymea on the dates above. Enquiries: Maria 0431152159
  6. Seniors Group (Tuesdays 9.30am) starts 17th February in Hall.
  7. Play Group (Thursdays 10am) starts 19th February in Hall
  8. Byzantine Music Lessons ( Friday 5.30pm) starts 30th January