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Dear parishioners, (March 28, 2020)

At this difficult time let us continue to be united in prayer. As parishioners present or absent, we are the one body of Christ. In the holy liturgy we remember all of you. In all of our orthodox churches prayer is happening and even a vigil on all of Mt Athos for all of the world is happening as we speak.

Please feel free to send me your names,those living or passed so we can commemorate them in the services which we do in these “Covid 19” days behind closed doors but that are heard in the heavens that are always open.
Lets keep in touch with each other and in this way we will encourage and strengthen each other in Christ.

Please do not panic and stay calm. Pray and help your neighbour where you can and God will do the rest.

Prayerfully yours
Fr Constantine, Presbytera Eleni and all our committees.

PS The service tomorrow is live on Facebook (find us through google) 7-10 am.

COVID-19 Announcement (March 26 2020)

Dear Parishioners,

Hope you are well. At this critical time we would like to give you an update and some information about services and an article in memory of our late Archbishop Stylianos.

Our Churches unfortunately will remain closed with only the chanters and priest inside doing the services due to the virus. There are other restrictions on the numbers of people at Services, for example weddings (5 people) and funerals (10 people). Fines will apply if we exceed the limits. Also we cannot have people in large groups congregating around the Church or associated buildings.

The Services are to be streamed on Facebook for all to watch on Friday at 7-8 pm for the Akathist Hymn and Sunday 7-10 am for Matins and Holy Liturgy. This is a good way for us to be united in prayer. If you missed a service, for example the 25th of March Annunciation service you can still view this as well in our Facebook history.

Please note you do not have to be registered for Facebook, just go to Google and type “StStylianos Gymea Facebook” and scroll down to the correct one. A roadmap to get to this point is in the this link: in a new tab)

With the Annunciation of our Lady and Greek National Day just recently passed we ask the Mother of God to intercede for us all and encourage all to be brave like those great heroes of 1821.

Also at this time we remember our late Archbishop Stylianos who passed away a year ago. There has been an article written about him just published in Phronema so please take time to read about this saintly and brave man. Link to Biography.

We pray that this crisis finishes soon. Let us take advantage of this situation to do more personal prayer and reading and please stay calm and don’t panic. God is with us and will protect us.

May God continue to bless us all !
Fr Constantine Varipatis, Paul Parris (President) and all our Committees.