Programme for February 2018

Dear Parishioners and Friends,
Hope you are well.

Pleased to announce we are in the 7th of Febuary LEADER where the Community is already talking positively about out pending approval of the Development Application for our Child care centre.

February 2018 Program is out. Please note the start of Lent on the 19 Feb 2018.
We have special Lenten Services coming up that we only do at this time of year.
We hope you make the time to attend !

All Souls Saturdays are 10th, 17 and 24 of February.

Greek School and Greek Dancing have begun.

Seniors group begins Tuesday 20 Feb.
Sunday School will begin end of Feb.
Play Group begins Thursday 22 Feb at 10 am.
St Gregory Palamas, one of the Saints our Parish has a Chapel dedicated to, Services 3 & 4 March.

God bless,
Fr Constantine

Saint Stylianos Website

Activities of the Parish

  • Sunday School
  • Greek School
  • Teenage Fellowship
  • Adult Fellowship
  • Byzantine Music Lessons
  • Play Group

Missionary Work

St Stylianos Parish Supports the Feeding Program of 300 children in Kenya as well as the Orthodox Theological College and University in the Congo, Africa.

An article on Missionary Work supported by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia by Father Constantine.



If you would like to help in the teaching of the Gospel and our Church Tradition to our children, please contact us to become a Scripture teacher. We have a Basic Accreditation Course organised at Marrickville Parish for newcomers into this blessed task. Please register with Fr Constantine ph 0418511212.

Car Parking
Parishioners are requested to be mindful of neighbours, and respectful of nature strips when parking in and around the church grounds. Those vehicles that are illegally parked will be fined by the local council

Announcement from St Andrews Theological College regarding the vocation of priesthood. We are privileged in Sydney to have the Theological College here in Sydney. We wish to encourage young people to study Theology to become Priests and Teachers. We have a real mission here not to be caught up in materialism, Technology and Syncretism in today’s society. Dedication to God and to service to our fellow human beings breaks these barriers.

To find out about subscribing to the college's journal (Phronema) and also the latest upcoming events, particularly in terms of attending guest lectures, courses and symposia, please visit the St Andrews Theological College website.

Services for the Aged provided by the Greek Welfare Centre

GWC Community Services provides Aged Care Services in the regions of Sydney, Illawarra and Hunter. Free Call for all Aged Care Enquiries 1800 77 66 42. Further information available in both Greek and English.