The Parish of Saint Stylianos Gymea supports the running of an Orthodox school in Nairobi, Kenya.

The school, St Clement's Orthodox School for Orphans was founded in September 2002. The aim of the school is to give Freedom from poverty through education. St Clement’s provides education to approximately 125 children who otherwise would not have been able to afford education in Kenya. The students of the school come from the surrounding villages of the Riruta-Satellite slum areas, on the outskirts of Nairobi. Some children walk up to 50 minutes to get to school each morning. The students within the school come from deprived backgrounds. Some are AIDS orphans, others are refugees from neighbouring war torn countries such as Burundi, Rwanda and the Congo. Others are children of single parent families who struggle to find work and survive.

St Clement’s began with two classes, a Pre-School class and a Kindergarten class in 2002 and has now expanded into a Primary school which currently goes up to Year 4. Each year St Clements continues to grow and take in an extra 20 students, and expand into the next grade.

In its early stages it became evident that teaching the children was a difficult task whilst they were hungry. The Parish of Saint Stylianos came to the call of this problem and raised money for a 'Feeding Program' to begin at the school. A member of the parish was present in Nairobi to start and run the project in its initial stages and keep local donors in Australia updated in the projects progress.

The Feeding Program provides 2 freshly cooked meals every school day for the students at the school, breakfast and lunch. Each year the parish organizes a Fundraising event (this years fundraiser will be on October 14 2012 at Parish of Saint Stylianos). People from parishes all over Sydney attend to support St Clements and receive updates on the schools fruitful progress (see details below).

If you would like to make a contribution to the Sutherland Kenya Fund,
please contact the Laiki Bank with the following account details to make a
donation via electronic payment or using a deposit slip in person.

Parish of Sutherland Kenya Account,
Laiki Bank, Sydney Branch,
BSB 942202 Account number 194480


For further information phone Eleni Vlahos 0438 618 204 or email Eleni Vlahos

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