The Children

Job started at St Clements in 2002 and is now in Year 6. He walks for up to 50 minutes to get school each day.

Josephine is a single mother looking after three children. Job and Lydia are both students at St Clements Primary school. Josephine supports the children by selling fruits and vegetables by the road side. She barely makes enough to pay the rent let alone clothe and feed her children. Josephine came to Nairobi to study to be a nurse but quickly ran out funds and was unable to complete her studies.


Refugees from Burundi.
The two students pictured are sisters from Burundi. Their village was attacked and they fled however their mother was struck and buried in a shallow grave while still alive. The mother managed to dig herself free from the grave once she became conscious and found her daughters and husband. They are now living in Kenya, however being refugees it is very difficult for them to find work to support their family.



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