Rhoda Mphezeuin

The Parish of Sutherland, St Stylianos Church sponsors a 'World Vision' child called 'Rhoda Mphezeuin' in Kafulu, a province in the country of Malawi. Malawi is a country in Southern Africa east of Zambia and shares borders with Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia. The populaton of Malawi is estimated at 11,906,855 people with a high morbility rate due to HIV/AIDS.

The churches' sponosrship of Rhoda allows her to gain a quality education, through the provision of improved education facilities and school supplies. Rhoda and her family also benefit from the churches sponsorship through access to improved health facilities at Kafulus main health centre. Families of sponsored children in Kafulu are involved in seed multiplication project, which brings food and money into their homes.

Rhoda enjoys playing Netball, Drawing and traditional dances. Rhoda weighs 45kg and is 140cm tall. Rhoda is of good health and is involved in chores such as Cooking, Gardening and Washing clothes. Rhoda is in the Church Choir, and is in Year 4 of primary school with a grade between 60% to 74% in most subjects including Mathematics.

Rhoda Mphezeuin



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