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Activities of the Parish

  • Sunday School
  • Greek School
  • Teenage Fellowship
  • Adult Fellowship
  • Scouts and Cubs
  • OMAΔA HLIKIΩMENΩN - Senior Citizens Group
  • Byzantine Music Lessons
  • Play Group


We have been blessed with a new, magnificent Marble iconostasis which adorns the church. This has been built through the grace of God, and we would be humbled by your donations to assist us in paying for this beautiful structure. Please contact Fr. Constantine Varipatis on 0418 511 212, or send a cheque or money order to P.O.Box 170 Sylvania Sydney, N.S.W 2224 Australia.

Missionary Work in Madagascar, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone and Indonesia

The work of our Archdiocese to support the above Missions is one of the greatest expressions of acts of mercy and love for our fellow human beings.

Charity does begin at home but with the global financial crisis Australians have an increasing responsibility for other countries as well. Our Archdiocese in supporting missionary work sees it as a great blessing to answer the Lord’s calling: “I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink…” Matt 25:3. Read further.

Also view the powerpoint presentation given by Father Constantine at the recent 2013 Clergy-Laity conference in Sydney.

Things to remember for 2013 ...

  1. English Liturgy every 1st Saturday of the Month starting 2nd of March at 5.45 pm.
  2. Omada Group (High School boys youth group) is being proposed in the Hall for every SATURDAY at 4.00 pm from March. Any one interested should contact Fr Constantine.
  3. Adult Fellowship begins 13th Feb 7.30 pm at Hall
    It will be held on WEDNESDAYS.
  4. Sunday School begins the first Sunday in March. Please gather in the Church and then go to the Hall.
  5. Our Parishes Scouts and Cubs start back on Friday 1st of FEBUARY in the Hall at 6.30 pm
  6. Greek School enrolments are 1st week of February:
    At Tharawall (Mon 4th Feb) & at Gymea (Tues 5th Feb). Classes start 11th Feb at Tharawall and 12th and 13th Feb at Gymea. NB FOR GYMEA: CLASSES FOR KINDY 1 & 2 ON TUESDAYS AND 3,4,5 & 6 ON WEDNESDAYS 4.00 - 6.30pm
  7. Greek Dancing Registration for will be Wed 30th Jan at Sylvania Hts Primary for all ages and Tuesday 5th Feb at Gymea Church Hall for beginners only. Enquiries:0431152159 (Maria)
  8. Senior’s group (Tuesdays 9.30am) starts 12th February
  9. Play Group (Thursdays 10am) starts 14th February Further Information
  10. Byzantine Music Lessons ( Friday 5.30pm) starts 1st Feb

Scripture Teachers
Teaching the word of God is a great blessing for us all. We need parents who are prepared to dedicate an hour a week to teaching our children.

Car Parking
Parishioners are requested to be mindful of neighbours, and respectful of nature strips when parking in and around the church grounds. Those vehicles that are illegally parked will be fined by the local council.